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Helena Gullstrom was born and raised in Sunne, Sweden, a small town in the western part of the country. With painting and drawing  being an important part of her life, she relocated and began serious study with Franklin Liegel at the Otis Parsons School of Art Design in Los Angeles.

Currently residing in Mt Washington just north of Downtown Los Angeles, Gullstrom is making her way into the Los Angeles art scene with a distinctive series of work.

Helena’s sculptures and paintings are an extension of herself, ever expanding and evolving. She uses a large array of materials including concrete, oil, acrylic, wood and metal.

“I simply put my subconscious to work. Creating art is for me a personal meditation. I’m interested in embodying a feeling of a truer self, something that is sincere and close to the core of what we really are. I stay open-minded to new ideas as they arise, to allow my art and myself to evolve,” says Gullstrom.

“The generous physical layers of paint and combined materials in Helena Gullstoms art creates a dreamlike imaginary world. The essence is both romantic and soulful. The work has the flavor of magic and miracles.” -Franklin Liegel




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